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Fleet Vehicles

Ford offers the widest variety of trucks built for commercial applications. Everything from E-series cargo vans and wagons to Super Duty F-Series trucks and chassis cabs that can be tailored to meet specific vocational needs.

Whether the job is big, or huge - Ford has the go-to line of trucks. And when you see that Ford is the sales leader in many categories of commercial trucks, you can be sure it's more than a popularity contest. For years, for decades, Ford trucks have gotten the job done. No matter what your business is, Ford's got what it takes.

The best-selling truck in the U.S. and the world, F-Series reports to work in a variety of drivetrain, wheelbase, cargo box and cab choices to suit your crew and payload needs. E-Series has been the best-selling full size van in America since 1979. It provides a near-endless variety of configurations and customization possibilities, whether the mission is hauling cargo, people, or both.

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F-Series - The Best-Selling Truck in the U.S. and the world!

The F-250 distinguishes itself among the Super Duty F-Series lineup as the logical first step into the world of over 8,500 lb trucks. The F-250 comes in three cabs, Regular Cab, Super Cab, and Crew Cab.


The F-350 distinguishes itself among the Super Duty F-Series lineup as tough and versatile.

The F-450 distinguishes itself among the Super Duty F-Series lineup as the one that gets the call when there's a lot of demanding duty to be done.

The F-550 distinguishes itself among the Super Duty F-Series lineup by offering a choice of cabs, built on the philosophy that customers know what cab configuration works best for their commercial application.

The F-650 ranks near the top of the Ford Super Duty commercial truck line with a 26,000 lbs GVWR, just within the Commercial Drivers License (CDL) limit. GVWR 19,501-26,000.

The F-750 ranks at the top of the Ford Super Duty commercial truck line in GVWR, offering both a 30,000 lb. and a 33,000 lb

LCF-Series (Low-Cab-Forward)

When you require maximum maneuverability, visibility and durability, the LCF (Low Cab Forward) provides a diesel powered vehicle with GVWR ratings to 19,500 lbs.

E-Series Vans
When you depend upon a truck to earn your living, it should offer the strength, durability, reliability, and performance found in the E-Series Super Duty Commercial Van.

E-150 GVWR 6700-7,000 lbs.
E-250 GVWR 7200-8,600 lbs.
E-350 GVWR 9,250-9,500 lbs.
E-Series Cutaway - E-Series Cutaway appeals to commercial users who are looking for a practical, hardworking truck that they can depend on for a wide range of applications.

E-350 GVWR 9,600-11,500 lbs.
E-450 GVWR of 14,050 lbs.
E-Series Stripped Chassis - The E-Series Commercial Stripped Chassis represents the ultimate in functionality and versatility. The 2008 model year E-Series continues to build on its proven strengths as the leader in its class.

E-350 GVWR 9,600-11,000 lbs.
E-450 GVWR of 14,050 lbs