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Work From Your Car With the Ford Workstation Available at the Houston Ford Dealership

Out at a worksite in Houston? Wish you could conduct your work right from your Ford F150? Now you can, with the Ford workstation.

The Ford workstation brings your office to your vehicle, making it easier to conduct business in Houston than ever before. Ask your Houston Ford dealer about the options available.

With an in-dash computer in your Ford pickup or van, you drive around Texas without having to back track to your office in Houston to fill out a form or submit a work order. Simply logon to your computer from your Ford and check e-mails, fill out spreadsheets and log information. Your Houston Ford dealer can discuss further with you the benefits of the Ford workstation.

The 4-gigabyte computer features a high-resolution 6.5" in-dash screen with wireless keyboard and touch screen capabilities. Doing business in Houston just got easier. And your Houston Ford dealer has the information needed to help you decide if the Ford workstation is right for you and your Houston business.

High-speed Internet is available in the Ford workstation package, giving Houston residents the ease of searching the Web without ever stepping foot out of their Ford. The computer lets one save directly to the hard drive or login remotely to their office in Houston's computer.

A hands-free calling and navigation package is also available on select Ford models, find out more at your local Houston dealership. This completes your mobile office. With Bluetooth capabilities, just say the name or number of the person you're trying to call and your Ford will instantly call your contact. If you're traveling outside of Houston to area you're unfamiliar with, use the build in navigation package to map out your trip.

Visit your local Houston Ford dealer today to discover and test the Ford workstation. Your Houston dealer can discuss the options available to you and help you determine what Ford features will work best with your Houston business. Houston's professional Ford dealers will walk you through the steps in how to use the Ford workstation such as the touch screen computer and voice-activated navigation.

Come in today to your Houston Ford dealer and discover how you can take your company on the road's of Houston. Your Houston dealer has the expertise you're looking for when making your next Ford purchase.

Summary- Ford now has an easy way to work while on the road, and the service is now available to the Houston Ford dealership. Save time by doing work on your own built-in dashboard computer, and never have to drive back and forth between the worksite and office site again. Ford's new workstation is the quickest and easiest way to get work done in Houston.

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2011 Ford Explorer Available at Houston Dealership

The 2011 Ford Explorer starts at $28,190 and features new safety options and quality driving standards.

The Ford Explorer, available at the Houston dealership, has a terrain management system that lets the driver choose the type of terrain they're driving on to maximize vehicle performance. With the twist of a dial, the driver can tell the Ford Explorer the condition of the road. If you're driving in Houston on a rainy day you can switch the terrain to slippery, giving the SUV a better handle on Houston's roads. Or if you plan on off-road driving, you can select gravel, giving the SUV more grip. You can find out more about this feature at your local Houston Ford dealer.

The Ford Explorer can carry up to seven passengers, great for driving the whole family to a Houston's Rockets game. With this much room, you can fit in a large crew or load up the SUV with suitcases for a trip from Houston to Austin. The second row features a 60/40 split fold-flat bench, while the third row has a 50/50 split-folding seat with large amounts of passenger space. These rows can also be folded down completely in the Ford Explorer to allow for 80.7 cubic feet of storage room.

Another great addition to the Ford Explorer are the safety features. The Ford Explorere is the first vehicle to include rear inflatable safety belts. These safety belts reduce pressure on the chest while controlling the head and neck of passenger when involved in a collision. When meeting with your Houston dealer, they can discuss your safety needs and how the Ford Explorer can meet them.

Meeting with a professional dealer at Houston Ford will help you decide if a Ford Explorer is the right vehicle for your lifestyle. With these advanced safety features, available on select Ford Explorer models in Houston, this SUV makes a great family-friendly vehicle.

Visit your Houston Ford dealer today to test drive a Ford Explorer. Driving the roads of Houston will never be the same. And you'll feel a sense of safety you never thought possible, just ask your Houston dealer professional.

Summary- Houston's Ford dealership has available many Ford Explorers. Talk to a Houston dealer today to find out more about Ford's safety features and what benefits a Ford Explorer has to offer.

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New Electric Ford Set to Debut at Houston Ford Dealer Late 2011

Ford has announced plans for an electric Ford Focus that runs on a rechargeable battery. The new Ford is expected to be available for purchase at all dealerships, including Houston Ford dealer, by late 2011.

Ford claims this new vehicle will have the most powerful battery, giving Ford a better mile-per-charge. So when driving down a highway in Houston, the battery will last longer than other electric car on the market. Ask your Houston Ford dealership about comparison rates.

The all-electric Ford Focus is able to fully recharge in a short three to four hours using a wall-mounted 240-volt charge station right out of your Houston home. You Houston Ford dealers can discuss charging procedures when available later this year. Houston's professional dealers will also tell you that this Ford can recharge faster than most electric vehicles currently on the market. Houston's dealers will stun you with their findings. The Ford Focus Electric will provide enough driving time for most daily driving habits.

The advanced lithium-ion battery system engine used in the Ford Focus utilizes heated and cooled liquid to maximize battery life and extend the fuel-free driving range, making it easier to drive further on Houston roads. Ask your Houston Ford dealer today if an electric Ford is the right car for you based on your daily Houston commute.

A special version of MyFord Touch is offered on all of Ford's electric vehicles called MyFord Mobile. This smartphone application monitors battery charge level and calculates the amount of money saved based on fuel efficiency.

If you're looking to be environmentally conscious and help keep Houston green, this may be the future car for you. Your Houston Ford dealer professionals can discuss the benefits of driving an electric car other than the cost-savings by using less gas. They'll describe the recycled materials used to make your car and how reducing fuel emissions can help make Houston a better place to live.

Summary- Ford has announced plans to launch an all-electric Ford Focus late in 2011. This vehicle will be made at all dealerships, including the Houston Ford dealer. This new electric Ford will be capable of running longer on battery power than any other electric vehicle currently on the market. Visit your local Houston Ford dealer to find out if this vehicle is right for you.

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Houston Ford Dealership had Full Line of Fords Available

The Houston Ford dealership has a full line of the latest Fords available. Houston's lot is full and more inventory is coming in; so now's the time to visit your local Houston dealership to purchase your new Ford.

Current inventory includes Ford models: Mustang, Fusion, Focus, Taurus, Explorer and more vehicles popular in Houston. All these automobiles have the best Ford options available including MyFord Touch and SYNC. Ask your Houston Ford dealer today about the additional features available on your new Ford purchase such as leather interior, heated seats and speaker sound systems.

Houston Ford's dealers are very knowledgeable and are available to assist with customer questions and provide details on pricing and Ford's newest options including SYNC. This voice-activated package option is quite popular in the Houston area and features voice controlled commands such as playing a song or placing a phone call. Houston's expert dealers can discuss more details and options with you.

The Ford Houston dealership staff can also give you more details about other technology features like the MyFord Touch option. This feature is a touch screen that easily allows the driver to make phone calls, play music and get directions through the steering wheel and customizable display on the dashboard.

Driving has never been easier than before thanks to options made available from Ford. Houston dealership professionals can also discuss advanced safety options available on new Ford vehicles. Side curtain airbags and driver and front passenger airbags are standard on all Ford models. The new 2011 Ford Explorer has additional safety features including rear passenger inflatable seatbelts, keeping passengers safe and secure in case of a collision on a busy Houston road. Ask your Houston Ford dealer about all available safety features.

Ford's quality is unsurpassed by any other automaker in the world. JD Power rates eight Ford vehicles as the best in class for 2010. Still not convinced? Stop in to your local Houston Ford dealership today and drive a Ford for yourself.

Your Houston Ford dealership experts can meet with you today to help you figure out what Ford vehicle is right for you. If you can't find the exact Ford you're looking for on the Houston dealership lot, the dealership staff will work with you and other local dealers to locate and deliver your new Ford automobile.